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Field Research

 Due to the strong empirical orientation of ADAPTED and its regional focus, most ESRs complete fieldwork periods with a duration between 3 and 6 months in one or two countries in SSA. ESR’s fieldwork, supervised by African partner institutions but organised by themselves, serves collecting different kinds of data, which range from archival information or expert interviews to own household surveys and to accessing locally available data bases. In the fieldwork phase, the ESRs develop important transferable skills, including profound project and self-management skills, advanced empirical social research skills, a deep understanding with respect to data management and new sets of intercultural and interorganisational skills. Depending on the personal career development plan, an ESR may also gain teaching practice at the African partner university she/he is associated with in the fieldwork phase. During fieldwork, the ESRs are linked to a researcher from an African partner university, who mentors the ESR, supervises her/his fieldwork and supports the ESR in accessing local target groups.

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